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Skype is now part of Microsoft

Microsoft is publisising its aquisition of Skype…

Together we will bring innovative technology to friends, families and colleagues everywhere. And now the future possibilities for our customers are even more exciting. We will enable more people to connect in more ways that transform and enhance their lives. And this is just the beginning.

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Explore A New Learning Frontier: MOOC by Inge de Waard : Learning Solutions Magazine

A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course. It is a gathering of participants, of people willing to jointly exchange information and collaboratively enhance their knowledge.

Over 10,000 learners worldwide have participated in MOOCs on a variety of topics. MOOCs appeal to knowledge workers, trainers, and teachers. Why? Because MOOCs enable a high-end knowledge exchange to occur. It is a learning model that fits expert training, interdisciplinary learning, ad hoc education — any type of learning that allows information to flow within a network of peers.

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>’Virtual graduation’ for students.

>”Edinburgh University is to hold a ‘virtual graduation ceremony’ for students on a distance learning course. The ceremony will be broadcast at its McEwan Hall on to the Second Life web community.”

BBC News – ‘Virtual graduation’ for students

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