>Friday 14th November 2008
I arrive at RSC on Friday and quickly thought “oops, it’s about teacher training, I don’t have anything to do with that our any experience of teaching personally.”
As the day went on my thoughts began to change and I thought, well I do need to learn about all these different technologies as I am trying to bring a VLE into our centre. Lets give it my best shot and you never know I might quite enjoy it.
Monday 17th November 2008 16:05
Have spent the day with the Week 01 Activities page up on my browser and just dipped in and out as time allowed.
Joined Slideshare as I looked at Kevs understanding VLE presentation.
Printed off a few of the resources to read later when I am away from my PC.


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  1. >GRaham, looks like you are already starting to experiment with differnt types of technologies. Keep going! and remember it’s all a bit of fun?And… it’s all about changing the pedagogy and using the technology to enable that change. look up the Scottish TESEP project and read what they have done – it’s inspiring.

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